Monday, 13 September 2010

Princess painting and tissue paper flowers

Along with some other gifts that she'd actually asked for, I decided to make my niece one of my little watercolour paintings for her sixth birthday. She is a huge Sleeping Beauty fan and so I sketched and painted her dressed as Princess Aurora with a few little fairy godmothers flitting around the background.


Then to decorate, I was inspired by The Gilded Bee to make some tissue paper flowers. The big pale pink flower is a tissue paper pom pom only smaller and with the petals pulled out in only one direction. The dark pink roses were made from rolled spirals of tissue paper and the leaves were cut from watercolour paper and painted.

Paper flowers A birthday present

Wrapped and ready to goTissue paper rose, watercolour leaf

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  1. I wish I had such fairy godmothers following me around - they're so pretty!