Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas cards 2010

As a creative person I can't let myself just go out and buy Chrismas cards, I have to make it into a project. Last year I painted individual cards with either a snowman, an angel or Mary.

Snowman Christmas Angel Mary

This year though I tried to make the Christmas card process easier by getting a batch of photos printed and then sticking them onto festive coloured card. I sent these to family and close friends, as most of them have been swamped with my homemade cards.
But I couldn't help myself and as I needed a few more cards, I painted 25 cards of my little Christmas helper.

Christmas Card 2010

Going back to the 80s

My friends are celebrating their 40th birthdays next year and asked me, as a favour, to put together their invitation. They requested a Back to the Future front page and then something horrendously 80s on the back.

It's bright and cheesy but does the job, they were pleased and I got to use a Back to the Future font.

Back to the 80s80s style invite

Thursday, 2 December 2010


What do you get when you cross a pom pom and a paper snowflake?

Snowflake decoration

Answer: A simple Christmas decoration.

Using large sheets of white tissue paper, I followed the Martha Stewart instructions for making pom poms but before moving onto Step 3 (separating the layers) I cut into each end of the strip, just like making a paper snowflake.

Top tip: don't cut too far towards the middle as the paper just rips when separating the petals out.

I use shirring elastic to hang them up as it gives them a lovely bounce when they are caught by a breeze.

So our first Christmas decoration is up and our house is full of large and medium sized snowballs all bobbing along. What can I make next?

Pom pom paper snowflake