Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Teddy Bear colouring sheets

Unfortunately, I don't really get a chance to blog but sometimes I need somewhere to file away things I've created.

Like these teddy bear colouring sheets. I designed them for a toddler group I help run, but it's good to share.

Birthday teddy
Teddy Birthday Colouring Sheet

Christmas teddy bear
A teddy bear in a santa hat colouring sheet
Colouring sheet for Christmas. Teddy in the snow wearing a Santa hat, mittens and a scarf. 

As always, please only use for good not evil.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Yogurt bottle vases and Easter bunnies

On our trip to the supermarket, the girls wanted to try some of those yogurt drinks in little bottles. I was reluctant as I wasn't sure they'd like them, but it turns out they do.

The empty containers just screamed out to be decorated. So we dug out the Sharpies and the seven year old made a lovely rainbow vase.

Craft of the day. Decorating yogurt drink bottles with Sharpies

Then both girls worked together to make Easter bunnies with paper ears and wool pom-pom tails.

Decorating bottles
Decorating bottles That's their craft thirst satisfied for today.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Paper Flowers, a simple Mother's Day craft

It was my turn to bring the craft to our toddler group this week and the theme was Mothers, for Mother's Day. So I created a paper flower craft.

Paper flowers for Mother's Day

 It had to be simple because the majority of the group are two and three years old, so it's a basic glue stick and one piece of sticky tape make.

 How to make: I cut out flower shapes in a range of colours and sizes, some small circles for the middle of the flower, a leaf shape and a pipe cleaner for the stalk.
Paper flowers for Mother's DayPaper flowers for Mother's DayPaper flowers for Mother's Day

The flowers were then layered on top of each other and stuck with a glue stick to make the flower, the green pipe cleaner was stuck on with sticky tape and the leaves again with the glue stick.

I went a bit fancy with my test version and stuck another flower shape on the back to cover up the pipe cleaner but it didn't work with the preschoolers, as they weren't fussed about having a neat finish.

Anyway, as an easy under fives craft it worked fantastically, so I thought I'd share. Happy Mother's Day.