Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Party games

I had six lists for the party, so that I didn't forget anything; food for kids, food for adults, shopping list, preparation list, order of events and Games.

The Games list featured: Hunt the fishes, What's the time Mr Wolf, Traffic Lights, Pin the Eye on the Alien, Pass Parcel, Whack the piñata and Musical toadstools.

Hunt the fishes. Last year we played Bug Hunt, we drew lots of bugs on stickers and then hid them around the house and garden. The kids then had to run around and find the bugs and stick them in the bug garden.

Bug hunt game
Bug Stickers
Garden for the bugs
Bug Garden

This year we played the same game, but with finding fishes and sticking them under the sea (I forgot to take a photo).

Stick the eye on the Alien was a variation on last year's Stick the crown on the Princess. I painted a large character and then used white circle stickers for the eyes.

Stick the eye on the alien
Stick the Eye on the Alien
Pin the crown on the princess
2009 version, Pin the crown on the Princess

Musical Toadstools is my version of the traditional musical chairs. Last year we played musical spots, which then morphed into musical splats and then toadstools. Using some red craft paper, I drew around some dinner plates to get the shape of a toadstool lid, then with white printer paper cut out stalk shapes and circles for the dots.

Musical toadstools

The Pink Piñata. We made a piñata for my birthday but this one was definitely superior. The piñata was made with flour, water and newspaper on a balloon and then painted pink, but I think it was the tissue paper fringe gave it the a real Wow factor.

 Pink piñata whacking fun

We didn't get time to play all the games, as the kids spent a long time playing What's the time Mr Wolf, but they have just been put aside for another occasion.

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  1. Great party planning. What's The Time, Mr Wolf is a great one - creeping, shrieking and running!