Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Painting cards in bulk

This week is the end of term and to say thank you to the volunteers at our under 5s group I painted a series of cards. The basic image is the same but due to the nature of painting and because I am unable to duplicate, each one is slightly individual. Whether a spotty dress or a heart dress, a tractor tshirt or monster.

12 thank you cards

Thank you card Thank you card

Another series of cards painted this week, was for moving house/retirement cards. I had painted one for my brother who has just moved house, then was asked if I could put together a couple more for some people at the local school who are retiring and, or moving house.

Retirement / moving house cards

Retirement / moving house cardRetirement / moving house card 1 Retirement / moving house card

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  1. Wow,, your creations are soooo sweet!!!! God has truly blessed you!!!! May you continue to use and enjoy HIS blessed gift in creating more precious art designs..Soooo VERY inspiring, LOVELY, whimsical, DELIGHTFUL!!!! Hugsssss and Prayers Dena
    Dream Doodler Designs
    My Husband and I have our own line of cards too..Its a JOY for me to know more and more artist that share there gift from GOD....THANKS