Friday, 1 April 2011

Preparing for Mother's Day

This week it was the toddler group Mother's Day service. The children are told a Mother's Day story, sing a few songs and then the children collect a small posy of daffodils to give to their Mummy.

Mother's Day is a perfect excuse for me to be creative, so here are the illustrations, gift tag and colouring sheets I put together for the event.


The story this year revolved around all the things that Mummy does for Teddy and so to say thank you he gave her some flowers.  I updated my previous teddy sketch to illustrate, these were then dropped into a PowerPoint and shown on a big screen, as the story was acted out.

Teddy and flowers for Mummy Mummy Teddy Teddy hugs Mummy Teddy

Printable Mother's Day Gift Tag

Usually the Mother's Day flowers are couple of daffodils held together with an elastic band, but I though we could make them a little bit more special just by adding ribbon and a gift tags.
A pdf of the Mother's Day gift tag is available to download and print.

Mother's day gift tag Mothers day daffodils

Colouring sheets

I also put together a couple of colouring sheets of Teddy and his Mother, just for fun.

Mummy teddyTeddy with flowers


  1. Those Mother's Day Tags are so beautiful! Thank you so much for them. :)


  2. Just wanted to let you know I used those mothers day tags and linked to them on my blog! :) You can find it here: