Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Last minute birthday preparations

I'm still a little jet lagged and we didn't wake up until midday Tuesday, which didn't leave much time to get ready for the birthday on Wednesday.

I started baking the cake at about 7pm, so by the time it had cooked and cooled it was pretty late, but one advantage of jet lag, I wasn't tired.

The requirements for the cake were; pink, a princess and roses. I didn't really have my creative head on though so I just replicated my niece's cake from last year (with a few tweaks).

Princess cake 2010
Princess 4th birthday cake
Princess cake 2009
Princess Lucy birthday cake

So, after wrapping presents and decorating the house with birthday bunting, it was then around midnight and I decided I really should make a birthday card. So I grabbed my pen and paints and sketched out a quick card, using the same design as the cake. Card finished in 15 minutes, mission accomplished and ready for the birthday to begin.

Last Minute Princess Birthday Card

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